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Photo Album

Attaway Miniature Schnauzers




We are very proud of what we have accomplished with our dogs, in the show ring and out.  Below are pictures of some of our dogs that have already acquired their championship, dogs working towards earning a championship title and presently being shown, and a few candid puppy photos. 

Way Back Then (in the 1960's)

(The dogs and I have changed a bit since then!)



AND NOW -----                                                                                                            







Champion Attaway Heads I Win (Penny)










Champion Attaway Special Edition (Eddie)

Eddie followed in the footsteps of his mother (Boo), going Best Of Winners at the American Miniature Schnauzer Club National Specialty held in Long Beach, California.  He completed his championship at the Miniature Schnauzer Club Of Atlanta specialty show going Best Of Winners.  


                                                                                         Eddie's Pedigree








Attaway In It To Win It (Sophia)

Sophia, the daughter of Champion Attaway Heads I Win (Penny) and Champion Attaway Special Edition (Eddie).  She will be in the show ring 2012.







Eddie's Sisters --

Champion Attaway Out And About (Dori)
Champion Attaway High Hopes At Manit (Hope)

Hope, owned by Manuel Itriago, Manit Miniature Schnauzers, is the mother of the lovely litter of four girls, three of which have completed their championship already.



Eddie's son

Champion Attaway First Edition (Alex)


Ch. Attaway Highlander (Duncan)









Duncan is a "top producer":  

Ch. Attaway Cruise Control
Ch. Attaway Swing Shift
Ch. Attaway Snickers
Ch. Attaway Voyager
Ch. Pip'N High Style
Ch. Pip'N Dress Up Doll
Ch. Pip'N Best Dressed
Ch. Ernhart's Echoes
Ch. Ernhart's Treetop Flyer
Attaway Stride Right
Attaway Twizzler

Some of Duncan's offspring -----

Ch. Attaway Cruise Control (Cruiser)



Cruiser is aptly named -- "cruising" around the show ring effortlessly!  He completed his championship Great Western Weekend in Long Beach, California.   

                                                                                         Cruiser's Pedigree



Ch. Attaway Swing Shift (Diesel)




Ch. Attaway Snickers



Ch. Attaway Voyager (Tony)

Tony completed his championship from start to end in four straight shows.  WOW!




Attaway Stride Right (Strider)


Attaway Twizzler (Twizzie)


tori.jpg (26305 bytes)

Tori Walking.jpg (61985 bytes)





Champion Attaway Here I Am  (Tori) 


Tori, now retired, is a spectacular Black and Silver dog.  He has proven himself in the ring and out, siring some wonderful pups, both in temperament and conformation.  In the show ring he is a joy to show.  He completed his championship easily, winning big at two of the  American Miniature Schnauzer Club Weekend clusters -- Chicago, IL and Long Beach, CA !!!!



Blast From The Past:

Champion Attaway Here's Look'n At Ya (JD)
Champion Attaway MaMa Mia (Mia)
Champion Attaway Bar None (Rodney)
isabella.jpg (365146 bytes) Champion Attaway Show N Tell (Isabella)

Isabella  was best of breed over top specials at the Atlanta, Georgia dog shows. 



Ch. Blythewood Special Blend (Boo)

Boo had an unbelievable show career going Best Of Winners at the fall 2003  American Miniature Schnauzer Club National Specialty held in conjunction with the Montgomery County Kennel Club.  In February 2004 Boo was  Best Of Opposite Sex at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show.

casey.jpg (27354 bytes) Champion Attaway Heads Up (Casey)
dallas.jpg (329208 bytes) Champion Attaway Midnight Ride (Dallas)

Dallas completed his championship with five major wins, including the Mount Vernon Miniature Schnauzer Club Specialty!!!


Champion Attaway Designer Genes (Crystal)

Crystal was our big winner at the American Miniature Schnauzer Club National Specialty Show held in conjunction with the Great Western Terrier Association, June 2001, going Best Of Winners and Best Of Opposite Sex

Champion Attaway You've Got Mail (EZ)
misty.jpg (1667167 bytes) Champion Attaway Simply Smashing (Misty)
goldie.jpg (2478692 bytes) Champion Attaway Gold Rush (Goldie)
bailey.jpg (1178506 bytes) Champion Jo-Mi's You've Got It Made (Bailey)

 Bred by Sandy Wagner, Jo-Mi Kennel



Champion Attaway Ultra Match (Shorty)

Champion Attaway I Feel Lucky (Lucky)
Champion Attaway Make It So (Red)
Champion Attaway Sweet Sensation (Snickers)
Champion Attaway Bits And Pieces (Sasha)
connor.jpg (4456088 bytes)

Champion Wards Creek's Attaway (Connor)                    

Bred by Gale Schnetzer, Wards Creek Miniature Schnauzers

wpe2.jpg (65809 bytes)  

Champion Attaway Whatchamacallit (Abigail)


Champion Attaway Magic Moments (Muffin)
Champion Attaway Take A Bow (OB)

Champion Attaway Patent Pending (Morgan)


Champion Attaway Delightful Design (Annie)

Champion Attaway Look At Me (Simone)


Champion Attaway Roses Are Red (Rosie)
wpe4.jpg (43936 bytes) Champion Attaway Marki's Strip Search

owned by Marianne Stephens

wpe9.jpg (39191 bytes)

Champion Attaway Irish Boy Of Argent (Danny)

Champion Attaway Code Cruncher (Cody)

zest.jpg (67127 bytes) Champion Latshaws Bare Necessities (Zest)

Zest was bred by Carol Ann Patterson, Latshaws Miniature Schnauzers.        

wpe7.jpg (133189 bytes) Champion Attaway Lickety Split (Bisket)


cricket.jpg (20796 bytes) Attaway Made In The Shade (Cricket)
sammy.jpg (25357 bytes) Attaway Let The Magic Begin (Sammy)
buttons.jpg (17765 bytes) Attaway Buttons-N-Bows (Buttons)
sweetie.jpg (67483 bytes) Attaway Sweet And Sassy (Sweetie)
silver.jpg (1322880 bytes) Attaway Pay Day (Silver)
tyler.jpg (616759 bytes) Wards Creek's Flight T'Attaway (Tyler)

Tyler was bred by Gale Schnetzer, Wards Creek Miniature Schnauzers.


regis.jpg (24469 bytes) Wallaces Here'N There (Regis)

Regis is a beautiful dog, bred by Joan Swick and sired by our Ch. Attaway Here I Am.


tuffy.jpg (11188 bytes)


Attaway New Beginnings (Tuffy)





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